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Transact Safely With Our Peer-to-Peer Escrow-Style Payment Platform

we provide a faster escrow platform. without verification accept cryptocurrency. It is headquartered in London WC2H 9JQ UNITED KINGDOM. provide online escrow services that facilitate and accelerate e-commerce by assuring a secure settlement.

Safe and secure transactions

Hassle Free setup of the Escrow Account

Doorstep service

Nil fee for account setup


How The Escrow Process Works

No Worry Admin Will Via Your Trade Chat Live

Buyer and seller agree
Submits Payment to Escrow
Delivers Goods or Service to Buyer
Releases Payment to Seller

Provided Features

we stand for truth himself and provided Super Fast online escrow. Easy dashboard including Live Admin support.

  • Crypto payment and withdrawal

    coinbase our payment partner Accept Payments Within Minutes. fully Protection no refunds available.

  • Protecting both buyers and sellers

    both create offers with the terms they require and set a price. Live Admin 24 hours.

  • User friendly and responsive

    The Keepescrow platform provides a user-friendly dashboard experience for making secure online deals.


Escrow Product And Services

Safely buy and sell any physical or digital products and services from $10 to $10 million or more

Domain Names

Buying & Selling of domain names, with transactions including,,,,, and ANY Account Password.

Motor Vehicles

we ensure money transfer and vehicle delivery with every sale. Our experienced personnel can even help you with shipping documentation, titles, liens, and more.


we handle the buying and selling large-scale computer setups, professional sound systems, and all manner of electronic equipment both big and small.


You can make deals with any physical or digital product, like a gift card, a business, code, data, pictures, a book, a freelancer

What say our happy client

What say our happy client

Professional and prompt assistance, always ready to work with you to solve any problems within few hours especially if you drop them a call. Quick payouts so really nothng to complain about.

I am very impressed. This was a new experience for me and and everything is clear and understandable. They have a great dashboard that clearly tells you everything you need to know at a glance. Ironically, you don't have to rely on the dashboard, because they email you with everything you need to know. Very well thought out and executed.

In the last couple months I have been selling off my digital assets. Using escrow is something I don't use on regular basis so it's nice to know there are people who help and guide you through the selling process. In the past few months I have had a couple of dealings with the escrow support staff and both times the response time was fast and efficient.


Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there, thanks for getting in touch!

The Buyers and Sellers determine which party is responsible for the escrow fees.

The Buyers and Sellers can agree to one of three payment options below:

  • Buyer pays 100%
  • Seller pays 100%
  • Buyer and Seller each pays 50%

When a Buyer pays all or half the Escrow Fee, then the fee will be added to the upfront or initial payment from the Buyer. When a Seller pays all or half the Escrow Fee, then this fee amount will be deducted from the disbursement amount due the Seller.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer support department via email at  or chat support when they are online. is fast becoming the world’s most prevalent method of performing online transactions. Whether you are buying or selling, the appeal of lies not only in the incomparable safety and security features it provides the user but also in the simplicity of the process. You don’t have to be an online expert to take full advantage of the services that delivers, it is highly recommended to beginners too!

In a nutshell, is a trusted third party that collects funds and disburses them when both parties involved in an online transaction are satisfied that all terms and conditions have been met.

If you think this sounds too simple to be true here are the fuss-free steps broken down even further.

The buyer and seller register at where both parties agree to the terms of the transaction. These terms can include but are not limited to, delivery time, a description of the item, and the cost.

The buyer uses the secure online system established by to transfer the funds for the merchandise, and the seller is notified that the money is in a holding account waiting for them to fulfill their obligations as agreed in step 1.

The seller ships the item and provides tracking information to

The buyer has a specified time period to accept the item and advise that this has been accepted. If the seller rejects the item it is at this point that a dispute will be raised and will be required to act as a third party for resolution.

Once the merchandise has been accepted by the purchaser, release the funds to the seller and the transaction is complete. provides enormous benefits to both buyers and sellers no matter what area of online trading they’re involved in.

Benefits to the buyer

When making purchases online, it is hard to guarantee that you’re getting what you pay. While confusion can often arise based on innocent misunderstandings, there are also occasions when people abuse the anonymity that the Internet provides for the purpose of deliberately misleading others to part with their money. removes all elements of doubt on behalf of a buyer that their money will be spent exactly as intended.

Money isn’t released to the seller until they are satisfied with the goods and shipping and delivery are tracked by the third party which ensures that no items ‘go missing’ once a buyer has made their payment.

Benefits to the seller

The seller is notified by once they have received payment on their behalf which guarantees that as soon as the merchandise has been received payment will be made. This avoids those instances of having to chase customers for unpaid invoices or having to dispute those buyers who ‘didn’t receive’ their goods and are requesting refunds.

With, there is no need to rely on trusting a stranger to complete your online transactions. It provides a safe and secure third-party environment that will ensure that your internet buying and selling take place worry-free and with ease.

To check the status of your transaction, you simply sign into your account. After signing in, you can access your transaction summary page to view the progress of your active transactions.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our customer support department via email at  or chat support when they are online.

Online Escrow Service In The World

Online Escrow Service In The World


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